Hiiii, I'm back after 17 years! ♡^▽^♡


Alex@Marvel: Oh my word, it was weird not being able to come online for a couple of days. We had such awful rain our internet was spotty at best. >.> May 26, 2022 20:51:37 GMT -5
bonemeal: is there a discord server or does anyone know where i can find an archive of petz mods? the big archive that was on this site got taken down for some reason Jun 14, 2022 10:40:44 GMT -5
Alex@Marvel: I would suggest making a thread in petz talk and help, so that your question can stay up there for more people to see/help. Jun 14, 2022 22:12:25 GMT -5
bonemeal: i've actually already found a few since i shouted that! am i allowed to make a thread about them? Jun 15, 2022 14:21:02 GMT -5
Alex@Marvel: I'd say go ahead, that way you can get more streamlined help and also be a resource to anyone else searching. :) Jun 15, 2022 16:22:11 GMT -5
Vixie Victory: So I might have almost died last week... I'm out of ICU but I don't know how long I'll be sitting in the hospital. looks like it's time for a petz comeback Jun 26, 2022 15:07:20 GMT -5
Alex@Marvel: Oh wow! :o I hope your recovery goes well, but yes that's a perfect time for petz Jun 28, 2022 7:03:13 GMT -5
themageofmist: Hey I'm back! Sorry I have been away so long x-x Jul 12, 2022 16:21:55 GMT -5
Ratqueen: Anybody using the Summer Night theme? Just so you know, you can select it from your profile if you want to try it out :) Jul 17, 2022 11:20:15 GMT -5
Star ★: I'm using the Autumn theme. Roll on Autumn when its not a million degreesssss outsideeeee! xD Jul 17, 2022 15:56:55 GMT -5
CatCreature: I figured I'd use the Day theme for half of Summer, and the Night theme for the other half! But then, when exactly is it half over...? Hmm... Jul 18, 2022 7:43:54 GMT -5
Alex@Marvel: I'm also currently using the autumn theme, but I was just using the summer night one. Jul 18, 2022 8:30:38 GMT -5
Ratqueen: , I plan on doing the same thing! I looked it up and Fall starts on September 22nd, so the halfway point would be around July 21. That's when I'll switch to the Summer Night theme! Jul 18, 2022 9:30:14 GMT -5
commander: I'm using the summer night theme! :D Although I didn't know the autumn one was available yet... autumn's my favorite season, so I might switch to that one lol Jul 18, 2022 19:52:49 GMT -5
CatCreature: ^ I'm guessing autumn isn't available to everyone yet, since I can only use Default and the two Summer ones! And good to know, RQ! :D Looks like I'll be switching over with you around then! Only a couple more days of daylight! xD Jul 19, 2022 1:34:44 GMT -5
commander: Yeah, I realized that when I went to my settings, lol. I look forward to seeing what it looks like on September 22nd ;) Jul 21, 2022 19:52:38 GMT -5
Koda@APK: I just switched to the Summer Night theme! Thanks for the idea :D I'm really looking forward to the autumn theme though hehe Jul 21, 2022 21:29:31 GMT -5
Ratqueen: Yeah, the Autumn Theme is only available to mods for testing right now. I think it's my favorite :) (haven't made one for Winter yet). I'm switching to the Summer Night them for now. Jul 23, 2022 15:04:36 GMT -5
Sasha: I want to keep my seashells forever xD Jul 29, 2022 7:11:50 GMT -5
Sue: Popping in to say hello! And I love love love this theme! Aug 2, 2022 10:13:47 GMT -5
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