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CatCreature: Ooh, but that's a good point too about those familiar movies...I do the same with some of my favorite movies when I need comfort! That makes a lot of sense! Jul 14, 2023 6:05:10 GMT -5
Catbaloo: Even though they are running from a set number of actions I find Petz still feel organic and more lifelike than a lot of vpets. I also enjoy Tamagotchis but they are so obviously on a set timer that if you run two simultaneously they poop at the same time. Jul 18, 2023 5:40:16 GMT -5
Thor: I agree Catbaloo <3 Jul 18, 2023 22:50:27 GMT -5
shetanka: Hi! If you have any questions regarding my FCI inspired show - feel free to ask here or send me a PM :) You are very welcome to enter your dogs :) Jul 23, 2023 5:16:06 GMT -5
shetanka: And since they were some questions - I explained one point more explicitly: "2. Only purebred dogz + mixbreeds which appear purebred. They can be any colours/textures, they can be hexed etc." Jul 24, 2023 5:21:45 GMT -5
Kayota: I always tell people that Petz was the most well-done virtual pet ever created. I like nintendogs and such but Petz feels a lot less stiff and predictable. The personality traits can be combined so many ways that you can get completely unique petz. Aug 2, 2023 12:34:15 GMT -5
Kayota: I am so lazy I have my halloween avatar from 2 or 3 years ago and my signature from last halloween and now it's august 23, i'm back again and i never did make the matching avatar last year lol! maybe i should just make something basic Aug 2, 2023 12:37:51 GMT -5
CatCreature: It's always Halloween on Kayota's profile!! Every day of the year! :D LOL Aug 2, 2023 21:43:34 GMT -5
Alex@Marvel: Hey, Halloween is the best holiday, I say leave it if you want to Aug 3, 2023 10:42:24 GMT -5
Sue: ^ I second that! ;-> Aug 11, 2023 8:45:48 GMT -5
Echotooth: I really like Christmas, idk why I just like the winter weather. Aug 12, 2023 13:40:00 GMT -5
Alex@Marvel: Totally valid reason, Halloween is mine because I love the decor and the snacks. Aug 12, 2023 15:06:15 GMT -5
Kayote @ Trendsetters: This site still exists omg Aug 20, 2023 19:35:04 GMT -5
Alex@Marvel: Thankfully yes, I'd be very sad if the PC completely disappeared. Aug 22, 2023 14:31:32 GMT -5
Echotooth: Hey, how do I get custom titles here? Do I have to be a mod or something? Aug 24, 2023 10:52:25 GMT -5
Sue: If I remember correctly, it’s after a certain number of posts… been a while, so I can’t remember the details. Aug 25, 2023 4:48:26 GMT -5
✬MsWildiful✬: What Sue said is true. It depends on how many posts you've made here. You'll go from Petz petter to Petz trainer to God, etc. I'm not sure how many posts are required for each title though. Sept 17, 2023 10:09:46 GMT -5
Alex@Marvel: I believe Echo was asking about custom titles, not the regular ranks. I looked and I can't find it right offhand to answer your question. Sept 17, 2023 17:34:09 GMT -5
Star ★: We offer them out for various reasons, you don't need to be a particular rank or anything like that but warning levels or past warnings are taken into account depending on when they were how long and how active you are etc. Sept 23, 2023 17:44:19 GMT -5
kk: I am so excited to see people still playing! I haven't had a computer in years but managed to hold on to a handful of my pets from 2003. 20 years later I am finally playing again. Sept 24, 2023 13:41:25 GMT -5
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