Reporting Other Members


Audaxity: Welcome to the community! I'm rather new myself, but it's pretty nice around here! May 7, 2020 12:11:51 GMT -5
Alex@Gotham: Sharing serial codes would be against proboards rules, I believe, so we can't do that. May 7, 2020 15:57:43 GMT -5
✬MsWildiful✬: I'm working on the layout for a nice site to display my Petz crew, yay May 8, 2020 20:03:59 GMT -5
ljslibby: Ah, sorry I didn't realise it was against the rules! Thats okay I'm sure I'll figure something out another way. May 9, 2020 8:16:11 GMT -5
Audaxity: If it helps, I had the same problem and fixed it by always running the game as administrator! Good luck! May 9, 2020 11:22:48 GMT -5
ljslibby: Ah, thank you it worked :) You're a life saver May 9, 2020 11:47:38 GMT -5
keyglyph: I just bought Catz 4 for the very first time and wanted to share this with you all. May 13, 2020 18:36:10 GMT -5
Alex@Gotham: Enjoy! That's always a good idea. :) May 14, 2020 12:04:46 GMT -5
Ratqueen: Grand Theft Auto V is FREE on Epic Games this week! Whaaaat??! :o May 14, 2020 15:01:43 GMT -5
cozzer88: hi everyone! I haven't been on here in AGES. Literally have no idea of my way around but i'll get the hang of it! May 16, 2020 13:46:58 GMT -5
Alexzander@Királyi: Come join me with the akitas!!! May 16, 2020 20:34:22 GMT -5
keyglyph: You got this, cozzer88! May 17, 2020 23:33:01 GMT -5
CatCreature: I can never post again. I have posted EXACTLY 6,000 times. It's such a satisfying, even number to look at...oh well. Been nice knowing you all. (...Kidding, obviously! xD) May 18, 2020 0:13:16 GMT -5
Ratqueen: Sid Meier's Civilization VI is FREE on Epic Games this week! I'm shocked! :o May 21, 2020 12:46:32 GMT -5
Astra: I absolutely LOVE Civ, Ratqueen! Sweet. May 21, 2020 17:05:11 GMT -5
Debbie @ TDK: Hey all. Been forever - hope youre all doing great! May 21, 2020 19:12:20 GMT -5
✬MsWildiful✬: Imagine if you could set Petz to save images as transparent. Making graphics with white dogz would be so much easier ;) May 23, 2020 16:48:50 GMT -5
CatCreature: True, and I'd love that! Although with some 'pure white' breedfile mixies...THEY would go transparent too! xDD EDIT: OR BUNNYZ. We would have no pictures of any Bunnyz xDDD May 24, 2020 0:59:48 GMT -5 *
Debbie @ TDK: Maybe the choice to be transparent photos or not? Either way, I'd be on board. [agree] May 24, 2020 13:33:38 GMT -5
Alexzander@Királyi: Yeah the transparent .png would save me so freaking much time! Photoshop makes me change settings from index to RBG too, it's annoying... May 24, 2020 16:04:01 GMT -5