The Wild Side!


wolfiesrule: I've been wanting to hex dog versions of two of my favorite book characters, but those characters happen to be Jewish so it's probably not a good idea... I have some other ideas though. Jul 1, 2015 9:16:20 GMT -5
lunarkitty: , oh don't worry about it ^^ I can understand that. Actually I was referring to some people who wrote a story with a Danish character, gave him a name with ø in it and then proceded to type it as o. Name your character something else then :/ Jul 1, 2015 9:28:56 GMT -5
Star ★: its too hot, its too hot, Its Too Hot! Its Too Hot! ITS TOO HOT!! ITS TOO HOT!!!!!! AHHHH Jul 1, 2015 11:43:11 GMT -5 *
Catbaloo: ^ With you there Glad I don't live in London though. 35 degrees, wat! Jul 1, 2015 16:42:32 GMT -5
Fall: Bleh, I keep getting really cold because of the AC, so I change the settings, and then I get really hot. I hate summer in Texas. Jul 1, 2015 17:24:44 GMT -5
Selena@Gotham: I feel so lost cause I have no idea what that temp is in F. :P It's 102F here. Jul 1, 2015 17:48:09 GMT -5
Fall: 35C is 95F if my conversion calculator is correct. No clue what the temp is here, but I know I smelled burning when I got near my window, so I assume it's hot. ;) Jul 1, 2015 17:58:54 GMT -5
Selena@Gotham: Ahh, okay. Thanks Fall ^^ Jul 1, 2015 18:20:15 GMT -5
gumdrop: One of the churches around here has a sign that says "Satan called, he wants his weather back." Jul 1, 2015 18:37:34 GMT -5
Selena@Gotham: That's great, gumdrop! :D Jul 1, 2015 19:45:13 GMT -5
Carabelle the coonmunk: I mean there are many hamster breeds Jul 1, 2015 20:19:23 GMT -5
midnightwolf: PM an idea of what you'd like I'll make a hamster breedfile for you with different variations. I have a necklace I need to hex someone and doing breedfiles takes a lot of work so you may have to wait a bit but I'll work on it. Jul 1, 2015 20:37:12 GMT -5
bunnyluvz: Hi! Jul 2, 2015 12:17:47 GMT -5
Sweetz: Is anyone having problems with PKC? Jul 2, 2015 12:18:51 GMT -5
bunnyluvz: PKC? Jul 2, 2015 12:19:39 GMT -5
Sweetz: Petz Kennel Club Jul 2, 2015 12:25:07 GMT -5
Sweetz: Hmm seems to be working now XD Jul 2, 2015 12:28:45 GMT -5
Carabelle the coonmunk: Thanks Midnight Jul 2, 2015 13:00:52 GMT -5
kaijugroupie: I had completely forgotten I was apart of this forum. Oh god. Jul 5, 2015 23:54:27 GMT -5
Catbaloo: ^ Welcome back! Jul 6, 2015 3:56:27 GMT -5