The Wild Side!


gamercat: <~< and last one, how do I Make line COLOR variations Aug 18, 2014 16:55:25 GMT -5
gamercat: V~V and now my variations wont work Aug 18, 2014 17:08:08 GMT -5
gamercat: Can someone fix my files please? ;; Aug 18, 2014 18:23:36 GMT -5
gumdrop: Dude? You aren't gonna learn if people just fix it for you. Start over if you have to. Look at tutorials. Play around. Make something you're not invested in and just mess with it for practice. Sometimes things aren't gonna turn out; scrap 'em. Restart. Aug 18, 2014 19:57:03 GMT -5
midnightwolf: it'd be easier to help you if you post a topic, rather than in chat. i can't give long explanations here, or get a good idea of what's wrong, you're also not going to learn if someone does it for you Aug 18, 2014 19:57:55 GMT -5 *
jax: I'm hexxxxiiiinnnnnggg... and holy crap am I rusty. Aug 18, 2014 20:26:30 GMT -5
Jez: I made myself too scared to hex, lest I break something in the game for reals this time. Aug 18, 2014 21:04:28 GMT -5
gamercat: <~< Gumdrop, i would gladly play around with it but I broke it and I can't even open the adoption center its that badly broken Aug 19, 2014 1:26:45 GMT -5
gamercat: Posted in hexing talk Aug 19, 2014 1:32:18 GMT -5
gamercat: <~< Halla? Aug 20, 2014 15:11:13 GMT -5
jax: So all this cool weather has been getting me in the mood for Halloween. Is it sad I'm already looking up decor ideas in August? Aug 21, 2014 10:18:08 GMT -5
Selena@Gotham: It's been in the 100s here, so no cool weather for us. But no, it's not sad. :P My oldest son already knows what he wants to be for Halloween. Aug 21, 2014 10:59:18 GMT -5
azalea2412: I can't believe everyone is already talking about Halloween. I need to see all of the trees turn beautiful yellows and oranges to get in the mood. Here in Virginia USA that doesn't happen until October. Aug 21, 2014 14:26:22 GMT -5 *
Susan@THK: I start getting in the mood for Halloween somewhere around.... November 1st. :) It's one of my favorite holidays. Aug 21, 2014 14:28:46 GMT -5
Selena@Gotham: I don't get into the Halloween spirit myself until after the state fair, which is in September. It's usually still plenty warm/hot then too, though. Aug 21, 2014 14:58:33 GMT -5
Selena@Gotham: Well, it's either hot, freezing, or it rains the whole time. Or sometimes it does all three. Aug 21, 2014 14:58:45 GMT -5
Susan@THK: Are you in Texas? :) Sounds like my home state. Aug 21, 2014 15:40:05 GMT -5
gumdrop: Hee, we're buying stuff for autumn decorating already. Starbucks is putting out the pumpkin latte on Monday, so if it's fall for Starbucks, it can be fall for us. ;) (Okay, we're just really excited.) Aug 21, 2014 17:44:34 GMT -5
∞ flinto ∞: Just wanted to say that I received my summer swap petz, but I have yet to see any of them. I have to wait 5 more days to see them :( Aug 21, 2014 19:48:19 GMT -5
Selena@Gotham: Nope, I'm two states above in Kansas. ^^ I did visit Texas last summer, loved Austin. Aug 21, 2014 20:40:29 GMT -5