The Wild Side!


Catbaloo: Lunar you could use one of sig rotating sites. I used to do that so it would auto rotate between a couple of my crew sig images. Just Google "rotating sig". :) Oct 31, 2014 17:27:00 GMT -5
Selena@Gotham: Good idea, Cat, I had completely forgotten about those. Oct 31, 2014 17:40:44 GMT -5
ladyweeny: ok. now its REALLY buggin me...STOP SNORING DAD -.-' Oct 31, 2014 19:05:22 GMT -5
azalea2412: Vet playscene at Insanity Kennels Oct 31, 2014 19:56:47 GMT -5
ladyweeny: ty ^^ heads up, 4 hexies in my pugs shop, Tramp, LAdy, Dodger & simons Cat :D Oct 31, 2014 20:01:45 GMT -5
Kika ♥: They're gorgeous, Ladyweeny! :3 Oct 31, 2014 20:15:24 GMT -5
ladyweeny: thanks :) Oct 31, 2014 20:16:28 GMT -5
Gamercat: Rodent help needed in the help desk board Oct 31, 2014 20:38:43 GMT -5
Gamercat: urgh I have an eyelash in my eye Oct 31, 2014 20:59:26 GMT -5
Sakurahyokami: I just came back from trick or treating. Gaahhh, I'm sooo tired now. I've been walking for at least two hours. Oct 31, 2014 21:54:12 GMT -5
CatCreature: Psh, I'm 'too old' to Trick-Or-Treat, which bugs me. Mom won't let me, yet every year there's insanely tall, strong, scary looking guys that go around trick-or-treating!! Older than me, even! If they can, I should be allowed too. Nov 1, 2014 0:00:31 GMT -5
CatCreature: They don't even go in costume, and I would. =.= Nov 1, 2014 0:00:40 GMT -5
CatCreature: Also, I get 'leaving some candy for the little kids' but to be fair...1, there's barely any little kids around here. 2, it's being hogged by the huge guys anyway so what difference does it make? Nov 1, 2014 0:04:27 GMT -5
CatCreature: Tonight was a sad Halloween anyway. It rained. It NEVER rains. Figures, it rained tonight. There were no Trick-Or-Treaters, big or small. Just sirens. o.O Creepy, and depressing. I want a do-over. Nov 1, 2014 0:05:07 GMT -5
Selena@Gotham: Don't feel bad about not leaving candy out, we don't either. Most kids around here go to the various community activities and get plenty of candy. Nov 1, 2014 0:11:20 GMT -5
Gamercat: I had a boring halloween I slept until half 5 and then I got up and ate Baked potato with my mum. I have no-one to go ToTing with and I don't eat candy anyway... but I'm sad that I missed out on the fun. If I got any candy I'd have given it to my friends.. Nov 1, 2014 1:48:41 GMT -5
Gamercat: *Coughes* I have friends...somewhere Nov 1, 2014 1:48:52 GMT -5
lunarkitty: thanks Selena and Catbaloo :) I'll think about it Nov 1, 2014 2:10:37 GMT -5 *
lunarkitty: to be honest, it was kind of hard making my current signature. I'm not very good at graphics... Nov 1, 2014 2:16:23 GMT -5
lunarkitty: , thanks for the like! ^^ Nov 1, 2014 2:44:34 GMT -5