The Wild Side!


gumdrop: I did some googling and that's the bear, yes? They do little rubber animal muzzles at most costume/party supply stores you could repaint, ears+top hat would be easy, so the rest is brown paint all over and dark liner + brows, and brown clothes/gloves. Aug 28, 2015 17:18:32 GMT -5
gumdrop: You'd probably want to start retouching a mask, ears, clothes, etc now so it's the way you want it for halloween but you could probably have a recognizeable costume. Aug 28, 2015 17:18:51 GMT -5
gumdrop: Actually, I'm seeing he has some visible jointing. Google for DIY balljointed doll tights, you could do that on tights or pants and a shirt + arm socks, or even a zentai suit or right on your skin if you wanted. Aug 28, 2015 17:21:12 GMT -5
gumdrop: also i'mma just fill the shoutbox. sorry. XD Aug 28, 2015 17:21:19 GMT -5
Fall: Oooh, great ideas, gumdrop! If I decide to dress up, maybe I'll look into being a Foxy type character. ^_^ Aug 28, 2015 17:23:30 GMT -5
gumdrop: My goal is to slowly but surely convince everyone to wear costumes as much as possible by helping and encouraging them to do so. Because then when I dress as a fairy in public people will just roll with it. :P Aug 28, 2015 17:36:59 GMT -5
Fall: I really want to wear costumes/cosplay, but I lack the time, skill, money, and motivation. I am planning on getting a "wacky" haircut and dye my hair, if that counts? lol. Aug 28, 2015 18:18:37 GMT -5
gumdrop: Yes it does! But also, my dear little dumpling, go google "closet cosplay." Aug 28, 2015 18:37:08 GMT -5
CatCreature: Yeah, sadly I lack a lot of the money too. Seems I'd have to either buy a pre-made costume (which go for hundreds if you can even find any) or make my own...which is cheaper, but we're having serious money problems and can't- Aug 28, 2015 20:08:07 GMT -5
CatCreature: Afford to spend extra money on things like this, that would sadly only be used once a year. Maybe next year. xD Aug 28, 2015 20:08:25 GMT -5
Selena@Gotham: I'm having a friend make a new Sailor Venus outfit for me, although she needs to retake my measurements..and I've got ideas to either do an Agent Carter or Black Widow one. Aug 28, 2015 20:52:17 GMT -5
midnightwolf: I think the last time I had a costume/did s9omething for Halloween I wa 4 years old. Normally the dat after I buy the candy on sale but that's about it. Aug 28, 2015 21:20:34 GMT -5
CatCreature: Haha, I love to Trick or Treat, except I'm apparently too old and 'scary' despite there being grown men running around in costume on my street every year. :P So I usually pass out candy. Can't afford to do that this year either... Aug 28, 2015 22:06:26 GMT -5
CatCreature: So maybe my costume idea is pointless after all, come to think of it! LOL Aug 28, 2015 22:06:42 GMT -5
Fall: Hmm... Closet cosplay... I wonder how I could do that for my favorite male characters. :P Aug 29, 2015 0:05:28 GMT -5
lunarkitty: I've got a cosplay! My only problem is that I haven't got Halloween. :( I've never been able to celebrate Halloween. It seems as if unlike everything else American, Halloween is just not blowing over to this part of Europe... Aug 29, 2015 1:54:45 GMT -5
lunarkitty: Which is a real shame... I like American stuff! Come on, people! The American candybars and the cupcakes are fine, now let's use them for something fun called Halloween! Aug 29, 2015 2:08:58 GMT -5
gumdrop: Throw costume parties! I used to know someone online whose friend had a costume party every New Years with yearly themes. My fave was the one where the theme was "myth/legend." My friend went as Medusa; the guy who won the contest went as "WMDs in Iraq.":P Aug 29, 2015 6:56:09 GMT -5
Catbaloo: ^ So the winner turned up naked? :P Aug 29, 2015 9:59:58 GMT -5 *
gumdrop: Well, he wore an army helmet with bombs made of soda cans or something. He was, after all, dressed as a mythological concept. :P Aug 29, 2015 17:25:26 GMT -5