The Wild Side!


Selena@Gotham: So I was doing laundry today and I found tissues in my oldest's jeans, after they had already been washed and sent through the dryer. So I guess he's got freshly laundered tissues now. Aug 31, 2014 17:43:51 GMT -5
Jez: And they didn't get shredded into tiny pieces? Aug 31, 2014 17:56:30 GMT -5
Selena@Gotham: Nope, one was almost completely full and the other just got rolled into a tube. Aug 31, 2014 18:42:20 GMT -5
gamercat: lol Aug 31, 2014 18:53:12 GMT -5
gamercat: Oh my gawd... I can't whistle anymore D: Aug 31, 2014 23:03:48 GMT -5
∞ flinto ∞: Does anyone know how to blend two different colors? Posted a thread, but I thought I'd ask here Sept 1, 2014 15:56:01 GMT -5
CatCreature: Three days without internet. Let's never experience such dark days again, alright? I'm so glad to be back... Sept 1, 2014 16:54:58 GMT -5
Star ★: ^ Was it like being in the Stone Age? Sept 1, 2014 16:58:48 GMT -5
CatCreature: Kinda, but I had computer games to keep me busy, so a slightly more high-tec stone age. With my sister playing Ecco the Dolphin on the Sega behind me. The sound of her dying dolphin is forever ringing in my ears... Sept 1, 2014 18:18:51 GMT -5
Alena@Moonflower: Wow, I remember that game, it was awesome! X) Sept 1, 2014 18:42:53 GMT -5
CatCreature: No it wasn't!!! xDDD It's a horribly mean and nasty game that requires the patience of a saint, and then some!! I honestly haven't the slightest clue how she's still playing it, because I could NEVERRRR!!! Sept 1, 2014 19:30:44 GMT -5
gumdrop: Y'all, I'm so sorry to report that I am back from my convention and therefore you guys are stuck with me once again. Sept 1, 2014 20:15:54 GMT -5
Alena@Moonflower: : Lol yeah I never could finish it, heehee. The tubes of medusa were so frustrating! XP Sept 1, 2014 21:24:54 GMT -5
CatCreature: I don't remember it by name, but I know she's stuck in a place with a giant thing of DNA that she needs to kill off somehow. She read a walkthrough and knows what to do (after countless tries on her own) but she still can't get it. :\ Sept 1, 2014 23:27:25 GMT -5
CatCreature: The whole thing seems like one big, 'rip-your-hair-out' frustration to me! xD I feel pain FOR HER when she has to redo the ENTIRE level multiple times while trying to figure things out. I can't possibly imagine actually playing it myself. xDD Sept 1, 2014 23:28:14 GMT -5
CoffieDog: Can someone tell me the name of the site that has the infamous hotdog costume for download? I've been looking for it everywhere but can't find it lol Sept 1, 2014 23:51:15 GMT -5
Catbaloo: ^That is Supernova. It's in the halloween pack. Sept 2, 2014 3:01:29 GMT -5
Pya: oh, that explains why i haven't gotten the hotdog costume :< It's for petz 4 only. Sept 2, 2014 3:12:58 GMT -5
jax: OMG Echo the dolphin was one of my favourite games for the Sega! That and Sonic the Hedgehog and Garfield: Caught in the Act! Sept 2, 2014 7:20:29 GMT -5
CoffieDog: Thank you Catbaloo! :) Sept 2, 2014 8:06:40 GMT -5