Biggest Petz Annoyances


✬MsWildiful✬: Welcome back Cat! I'm back as well, returning to this lovely community. I may have some Pyranese puppies up for adoption soon :) Dec 13, 2019 20:20:17 GMT -5
Sploot: So! I have a bit of an issue. I downloaded Dogz 5 again recently. But for some reason when i go to modify the carrying case in Tinker and put everything in the case, it doesnt show up in my Dogz 5 game. Any ideas? Dec 18, 2019 18:15:46 GMT -5 *
Catbaloo: Make sure to run tinker and Dogz 5 as administrator or it will not save your changes. Dec 18, 2019 18:34:39 GMT -5
Ratqueen: Christmas starts when the Steam Winter Sale starts! :D Dec 19, 2019 15:45:44 GMT -5
Catbaloo: *Sings* It's the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaar! Dec 20, 2019 12:57:49 GMT -5
Star ★: I've spent so much money already ¬_¬;; Dec 20, 2019 15:34:32 GMT -5
patchlamb: Hi-hi :) Hope everyone's holiday is going well! Wanted to post about a thread I created about a week ago: I am collecting info from old Petz fandom members to populate the Fanlore page with first hand stuff. It's in the Petz Talk forum! Thanks Dec 21, 2019 15:53:28 GMT -5
Alexzander@Királyi: I received so many PKC gifts this year @.@ I have two new Newfoundlands and two manx to show off @.@ Dec 26, 2019 2:26:54 GMT -5
Ratqueen: I finally found the time to finish processing a new batch of show kitties! They've been ready for a while, but creating the Showroom update took time. They were biting at my ankles to get it done though! :D [cat] Dec 28, 2019 12:25:03 GMT -5 *
Nucleotide: I STILL EXIST! hope youre all doing well Dec 31, 2019 10:44:17 GMT -5
Catbaloo: Howdy, welcome back! Jan 2, 2020 17:34:32 GMT -5
Nucleotide: apparently there's a petz discord dedicated specifically to hacking? where can i get in on this Jan 5, 2020 14:02:46 GMT -5
koolkathan: Just thought I would come by and say hello! I haven't been on here in a while, due to illness and the holidays. Hope you are all okay! <3 Jan 6, 2020 7:21:28 GMT -5
odiepinkiepuppiez: @nucleotide: Petz Hacking & Modding discord link: removed :D Also hi there ! Jan 10, 2020 19:50:46 GMT -5 *
Alex@Gotham: Guys, no links allowed in the shoutbox. If you ever forget the rules of the shoutbox, there's a thread in the rules section. Jan 10, 2020 20:51:04 GMT -5
Alexzander@Királyi: How about Zeldas? -cheeky grin- Jan 11, 2020 23:00:51 GMT -5
Thor: OMFG I got that joke. BAHAHAHAHAHA Jan 12, 2020 1:47:16 GMT -5
Alex@Gotham: That was sooo bad, but yes, Zeldas can be in the shoutbox. Jan 12, 2020 14:55:11 GMT -5
Buck: hahaha oh my Jan 12, 2020 19:05:30 GMT -5
odiepinkiepuppiez: LOL [rofl] Jan 21, 2020 3:13:09 GMT -5